We are the South African Institute of Draughting® NPC, a non-profit registered company,
with its name as a registered ‘Trade Mark’ and its abbreviated designation is SAID.
The Institute is an independent, professional body which was established in the Republic of
South Africa in 1953.

The Institute is verified as an Exempted Micro Enterprise Level 4 in terms of BBBEE
procurement recognition level of 100%.

The Institute strives to serve its members, interacting with all role players and associated
industries, being mindful and conscious of necessary changes in the environment to fulfill its

An objective of the Institute is to promote the interests of all members and all professions
within the Built Environment.

The Institute is not a trade union, is not involved in any salary negotiations and does not
offer any courses or learnerships. It does, however, introduce its members to employers
seeking the services of reputable draughtspersons and designers.

The Institute undertakes to promote the career of draughting and design as specialised
occupations that may rightfully claim the privilege of professional status. It also endeavours
to ensure that the integrity of the profession is adhered to by its members with a strict Code
of Conduct.

The Institute is Recognized as a Voluntary Association by two Statutory Councils of the
Council for the Built Environment (CBE), namely, the South African Council for the
Architectural Profession (SACAP) and the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).
The Department of Home Affairs recognizes the Institute as a Professional Accreditation
Body, as published in the Government Gazette No. 37716, of 03 June 2014.
Various draughting colleges have been registered as a voluntary ‘Member – College’ of the
Institute which is beneficial to both the colleges and their students.

In addition, the Institute has, for many years, been represented on the Council of the South
African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) and on many of SACAP’s
Committees. The Engineering Council of South Africa’s (ECSA’s) Presidents Forum,
workshops and information sessions are attended by a representative of the Institute.
In the extremely competitive employment market of today and with the implementation of
and the strict adherence to the Statutory Acts of the Architectural and the Engineering
Councils, a draughtsperson or designer cannot afford to be complacent and not be
registered as a member of a Recognized Institute.

One of the Institute’s aims is to improve the status of its members within commerce, industry,
national and local government services.

Several companies and government bodies recommend and promote the registration of their
employees with the Institute.

Members of the public frequently contact the Institute to confirm whether prospective
draughtspersons or designers are registered members of the Institute, prior to contracting
with them.

Application for Membership can be done online via the website, or an Application Form can
be requested or by email.


To promote the interests of all members and all professions within the Built-Environment.

To promote and maintain the science and professional practice of draughting and design.

To motivate all members to improve their knowledge and skills and apply such in the interest of the public and the environment.

To guide draughtspersons to undertake work in accordance within their category of registration with the respective Statutory Councils.

To encourage all members to refrain from any conduct which may bring their profession into disrepute.

To maintain a disciplinary process to retain the integrity of the profession.
To manage and conduct all business of the Institute in a fair and transparent manner.


It shall be required and within the mandate of the Executive Committee to terminate the
membership of any member who, in its opinion and findings, has been found guilty of any
misconduct prejudicial to the interest of the Institute. And after full consideration of all the
facts provided that such a member shall have the right to give evidence of rebuttal either in
person or by written communication to the Executive Committee or it’s appointed alternates.
In order to uphold the image of the Institute a member shall:
a) order his / her conduct so as to uphold the dignity, status and reputation of the
draughting / design / allied profession;
b) discharge his / her duties to his / her employer, client or the public in an efficient
manner with skill, competency and integrity;
c) not, whether practising his / her profession or otherwise, maliciously or recklessly
injure, either directly or indirectly, the professional reputation, prospects or business
of any draughtsperson, designer or allied professional person;
d) only undertake work which their education, training and practical experience have
rendered them competent to perform and which they may only legally undertake;
e) maintain the principles of sound practice and strive to improve knowledge and skills
and apply such in the interest of the client, the public, the environment and allied


The following Companies are registered as Affiliate Members of the South African Institute of Draughting

Gold L

Gold Affiliate Member

Gold R

Annual Member Fee – R25000

Silver L

Silver Affiliate Member

Silver R

Annual Member Fee – R20000

Bronze L

Bronze Affiliate Member

Bronze R

Annual Member Fee – R15000